Cage Free Voices

Cage Free Voices Radio

CFV Radio is an innovative educational entertainment radio show where youth and young adults have the opportunity to see themselves, even if the world is blind. This podcast covers social, emotional, and political issues impacting youth and young adults.

Cage Free Voices Spoken Devotionals

Educational devotionals that appeal to the heart, spirit, and soul.

Cage Free Guardians of the Globe

Shifts in temperatures, and climates (both social and environmental), are impacting human psychology and sociology, probably in ways we could not have imagined. And the damage has ravaged our internal compass where junk is all over the place—literally. Critical thinking and creativity will foster the growth of the human race for a place that has grown cold but warm, where personal and natural storms are out of control. We need the development of a society led by youth who guard the globe where home is sacred, and we make it our business to elevate it with youth voices, perspectives, intelligence, and better choices.

Cage Free Champions of Justice

Justice is just us with a crutch called, “Needing to Be Free.” Free from depravity; the depravity of heart and mind. But, what is freedom? Is it confined by the lines defined by those in positions of power or does it tower over our souls with conscious driven morality that flees the bands of societal corruption where nothing can destroy internal peace? Cage Free Champions of Justice are seeking to release those who are bound by the mental and physical ties that once held them captive so they can truly be free.

Cage Free Authors

Channeling thoughts through streams of ink or keystrokes, we make remote learning and work sound like a vacation. Turning pages in our minds to rewrite the lyrics on the canvas of those famished and left as damaged. We see the beauty in imagination and free nations with our voices. We are not just literary authors, but authors of our destinies.

Cage Free Refugees & Migrants Breaking the Mold

We may be enduring language barriers, but we are your compassion carriers. We write songs and poems for the forgotten, downtrodden, but powerful forces of change. We know our names, even if you don’t. Breaking barriers with resilience and adaptability, speaking truth to power, we won’t back down. Migrants and Refugees must be heard NOW!

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