Christian Center Shreveport

Soul Lies with Ginny Fouts

Soul Lies is a podcast hosted by Ginny Fouts. Learn how the spiritual and the soul crosses paths. Identify ways to grow your spiritual understanding in order to reveal lies your soul believes. This podcast will help you learn the Truth and propel you towards freedom. Ginny will challenge you to listen and discover the lies your soul embraces.

Christian Center Shreveport

Sermons and podcasts aimed to spread the gospel in the form of digital media. Our mission is to be a voice in the arts and media, to shift the culture of our community and beyond. Transforming lives through media. To equip the saints through sound biblical teaching and help the Body experience inner healing so that they may lead others to the same healing. These teachings help the body fulfill Revelation 3:18 so they may see and hear the Lord more clearly.

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