Enterprise Podcast Services: Secure and Easy to Use

Create, publish, manage and measure your corporate audio and video podcasts
at scale with an all-in-one platform built for your enterprise
podcast needs.

Create, publish, manage and measure your corporate audio and video podcasts
at scale with an all-in-one platform built for your enterprise podcast needs.

Modernize Your Business Communications

Bring the power of audio and video podcasts to your business

Modern Employee Support with Podcasts


Podcasts make an ideal training tool for today’s workforce, providing on-demand access with the knowledge employees need right at their fingertips.

Internal Communication

A personal voice gives power to your messages and offers a more efficient way to get information out to your teams.

Branded Podcasts

Podcasts are a highly effective marketing channel to grow your business. Build trust as an industry leader.

A Secure Podcasting Solution

Accessibility without Sacrificing Security for Your Internal Content.

Podbean’s SSO Login service is integrated with the top identity service providers so your employees can use their existing credentials with Podbean. You get the same level of security for your private podcasts you already have for your internal content. Podcast SSO login makes it easy on your employees too, with no need for yet another account or password issues.

    Podbean’s podcast SSO login service is integrated with:

  • Azure
  • OKTA
  • SAML 2.0

Explore Private Podcast Solution for Enterprises

Enterprise podcast data is encrypted in transit and at rest for top security:

  • Your podcasts are stored in encrypted AWS S3 buckets
  • Transit via HTTPS over TLS.

With multiple levels of roles and group segmentation, you can be sure the right people get the right permissions to access your enterprise podcasts.

  • Multiple admin roles allows you to fine tune who can do what in your account.
  • Groups let you easily control who can access what content.

Earning the SOC 2 compliance certificate is a testament to Podbean’s diligence in making sure its customer data is private and secure. For organizations in highly regulated industries, having a podcast platform that has designed and implemented internal controls to safeguard their vital customer data allows them to grow and scale private podcast with confidence.

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A Secure Podcasting Solution
Access Anywhere At Anytime

Access Anywhere at Anytime

The Ultimate in Convenience and Accessibility for Your Employees.

Mobile Access

Online or offline podcast playback at their fingertips. Designed for podcast listening, providing the best user experience and features.

On Any Device

Apps for Android, iPhone and online listening options.

Notifications and Playlists

Push notifications ensure employees always know when a new enterprise podcast is published. Create and share custom playlists for easy content management.

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Detailed Enterprise Podcast Statistics and Analytics

Understand Your Podcasts’ Performance, Measure ROI

Comprehensive podcast statistics and charts

Engagement Intel: Second-by-second consumption analysis and individual-level listening data

Offering integration with your LMS or other systems via API for listening credits and data reporting and analysis

Detailed Enterprise Podcast Statistics and Analytics

Podbean AI

Professionalize your enterprise podcast with the cutting-edge features of Podbean AI, providing high audio quality that aligns seamlessly with the standards of enterprise excellence, reaching new heights in your podcasting journey.

Noise Reduction

Eliminate unwanted noises from your podcast recordings. Enjoy a polished sound that enhances the overall listening experience.

Intelligent Leveler

Adjust volume levels between speakers, music, and speech, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable podcast.

Cut Filler Words and Silence

Trim silent segments, pauses, and filler words such as "ah", "uhm", "mh", or "ähm" for a smoother flow.

Filtering & AutoEQ

Remove undesirable frequencies and sibilance (De-Esser), producing a clear, warm, and pleasant audio experience.

Automated Title and Show Notes

Save time efficiently by automatically generating captivating titles and descriptions with AI, engaging your audience effortlessly.

AI Enhanced Transcripts

Boost accessibility and SEO with automated, accurate transcripts of your episodes. Increase search engine visibility and make your content more inclusive.

Precisely Crafted Chapter Markers

Effortlessly enhance listener engagement by adding precisely crafted chapter markers to your episodes, creating a dynamic listening experience.

Podbean AI

Reliable and Scalable Enterprise Podcast Solution

Podbean hosts 500K+ podcasts and serves millions of downloads daily. We bring our 14 years experience as a top podcast host and work with hundreds of the world’s top organizations to serve your enterprise podcasts with the highest level of reliability and easy scalability.





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" Because our consultants are so busy, the podcast medium allows them to stay connected and informed about what we’re doing while they’re not in front of their computers. Consultants and many of us love those power walks...they have the opportunity to plug in and listen on their headphones about some of the stories we have across the company while staying connected and working. "

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Vimal Parker Marketing Manager, Global Marketing

" Early adoption was like ‘Hey, what are you doing to me?’...and now the feedback that we get is ‘Hey, that was great information’...

Podcasting allowed us to have a real conversation about where we’re at, how people are doing, what are we doing internally to adjust, pivot and shift, and everything that our associates are asking about. "

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Mark Mathia Chief Experience Officer

" It’s about frequency. You’ve got to hear that information in more than one medium several times before it truly resonates with you and it really sinks in...

This content had to be secure. The big piece that drove us to Podbean was the ability to have an SSO authentication verification before people are able to download and consume this content. "

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Marty Boyzuck Director, Enablement Technology Architecture & Design

" If you look back at the communication before, we had some weekly updates, usually an email blast, then we evolved into video. But what Podbean allowed us to do is take that and build it in a different way. We started to look into our audience and we started to segment it a little bit and we looked at their needs. It empowered us to really start to deliver some different content that we had never done before. That became critical during COVID and working remote: things like well being, things like training. "

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Mark Bussell Scholastic Director of Growth and Development

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