Canna Campbell

SugarMamma's Fireplay

Canna Campbell, is a Financial Planner who established her boutique practice, SASS Financial in 2007 after a prosperous career with a major bank. Then in 2014, Canna launched her YouTube channel, SugarMammaTV, after realising there was a need to provide accessible advice to everyday people who felt intimidated & confused by personal finance.
SugarMammaTV has blossomed from its original incarnation back in 2014, Canna not only produces content for YouTube, but also Instagram and IGTV. In 2020 Canna launched her super successful podcast Financial Foreplay. She’s also the author of 2 best selling books her first being The $1000 Project and her follow-up title Mindful Money.
Canna says, “Through having conversations with people about money, I realised there was a massive gap in financial literacy & that people were holding themselves back from creating a more financially stress-free life for themselves & their families. So many people assume a Financial Planner wears a suit & tie, sits behind a desk & will tell them to stop spending. This is not the case at all, it is all about balance & baby steps which are aligned to powerful & meaningful goals".
Canna's warmth & friendly content resonates as she transparently & passionately shares her savvy financial solutions in her bite size videos that get watched around the world.
Canna creates her inspiring content to motivate everyday people through financial freedom. She comes from a place of empowerment and maintains a philosophy that embraces not only financial but also mental wellbeing and holistic health through her videos & social channels, Canna consistently presents the most authentic version of herself by inviting her viewers & followers into her home & get to be a part of her & her family's journey.
Canna is also a regularly paid Financial Expert on Channel 9's Today Show, Today Extra & Today Weekend. Her videos are also covered by the Daily Mail on a fortnightly basis & she has developed an app, ‘Sugar Budget’, which is currently sitting at no. 2 on the Apple App Store for most popular financial budgeting apps.

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