Secret Mom Hacks: Mom Life & Parenting Tips for Busy First Time Moms

Secret Mom Hacks: Mom Life & Parenting Tips for Busy First Time Moms
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Last Update: 2024-07-10
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As someone who was previously terrified of childbirth, parenthood and all that follows, I’m pulling back the curtain on all of it. Every now and then it may get a little messy. We may share a little TMI, but that’s why you’re here, right? Secret Mom Hacks covers topics every first-time mom needs: self-care and worthiness, mental and physical health, joy and grief in motherhood, fun family activities, creating happy memories, unique parenting obstacles, and more. This podcast is for new moms, busy working moms and mompreneurs who want pregnancy hacks, new mommy tips, seek progress over perfection, and wish to model the best version of themselves for the precious, tiny humans looking up to us. Listeners can expect new episodes every week that are positive, helpful, honest, and relatable that help every parent learn and grow - no matter how old your child is. You’ll leave every episode feeling refreshed and inspired, filled with hope and feeling better equipped, knowing you’re not on this mom journey alone. There’s a lot of subject matter to cover when it comes to #momlife and we’re leaving no stone unturned! Follow Secret Mom Hacks on your favorite podcast platform and check out show notes for every episode at Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter via the handle @secretmomhacks. When I became a new mom at age 35, I was a busy music industry publicist, filled with questions and anxiety. Life has a way of delivering experiences that help us confront those things. I’ve been through situations where I wished another full-time working mom who’d been through similar trenches could come alongside me, share a few inspiring words, and cheer me on through this uncharted territory. I’ve learned invaluable things from my circle of support - and I know that’s not something every new mom has. I hope you find that here. Krista Dykes is a 2005 Phi Rho Pi Gold Award winner in Persuasive Speaking, Communication Analysis, and Poetry Interpretation. She has worked on award-winning communications projects and campaigns in the online insurance lead space and the country music industry. In February of 2023, she transitioned from her music industry media relations role to full-time mompreneur - with the official launch of Secret Mom Hacks on March 1, 2023.