Perfectionism Rewired with CLG

Perfectionism Rewired with CLG
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Category: Self-Improvement
Last Update: 2024-07-13

Is Perfectionism the new ADHD? How do I stop living in fear of failure? How to get out of my own way? Why am I so hard on myself? Why do I self-sabotage? Will ruminating + catastrophizing ever end? There's a BETTER Way to Perfectionism, that's empowering highly driven, Type-A, ambitious perfectionists to OWN their perfectionism instead of owned by it. Perfectionism Rewired host Courtney Love Gavin (CLG) shows you that way in every episode. Perfectionism Rewired is committed to neuroscience truth and accuracy through a perfectionist affirming lens, offering cutting-edge research on perfectionism, neuroplasticity + interoception techniques for the practical-perfectionist who wants that extra edge over obsolete advice to "overcome your perfectionism" Listen for fierce insights on exiting victim mentality, what self-sabotage *really is*, how to stop: people pleasing without compromising kindness, catastrophizing, ruminating, overthinking and upgrading all-or-nothing mindset, so you can quit fighting against your perfectionistic tendencies and feel as put together as your life looks. Perfectionism Rewired podcast provides answers to questions like: - How do I stop being such a control freak? - Why am I people pleaser? - How to overcome perfectionism? - What causes perfectionism anxiety? - Am I A Perfectionist? -WTF is Interoception? Does It Build Resilience? Being a perfectionist is very powerful. But only if you know how to leverage it. For more on optimizing your perfectionism go to