Married Into Crazy with Snooks and Lovey

Married Into Crazy with Snooks and Lovey
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Last Update: 2021-10-27

"Relationship Coaching for Love, Laughter, and Overcoming Adversity" - We met on a blind date and when we got engaged 4 months later, my heart was pierced...not by Cupid's arrow, but by a serrated steak knife and that's when our journey began. That's when we realized we both Married Into Crazy! We are just Real Folk sharing real talk about Love and Life while occasionally tackling a few taboos, stereotypes, and misconceptions confronting the institution of marriage (and relationships at large). Though we can't speak for everyone, we can offer our unique perspective. If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen to another married couple’s random conversations, stick around and get your "ear hustle" on with a couple that truly Married Into Crazy!!!