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Last Update: 2024-04-18
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Prepper Talk Radio is your podcast for prepping, survival, homesteading, emergency preparedness, planning, and common sense. We come from a vantage point of living prepared most of our lives and to a greater extent as we got older. We have been active in education and event management inside the preparedness industry and cover everything about prepping, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, water storage, food storage, firearms, self-defense, security, homesteading, gardening, and best of all, mindset.  are just a few of the many topics discussed with our expert guests. If you're hoping to learn more about the fun and enjoyable side of prepping and emergency preparedness without the doom and gloom (ok, maybe there's a little), look no further than Prepper Talk Radio. New episodes will be uploaded twice a week. Meet our hosts:Scott, Shane and Paris,Scott; the founder of PrepperCon, the nation's largest preparedness and survival expo, and preparedness educator, enthusiast and expert.Shane; a lifelong prepper, blogger and survival expert.  Shane is our real life Burt Gummer.Paris; a prepper of his own right, and financial advisor who is passionate about prepping and financial self reliance.