Engineered Adventures RPG Talk Podcast

Engineered Adventures RPG Talk Podcast
14 Episodes
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Category: Leisure
Last Update: 2021-02-28
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"Engineered Adventures is in the business of epic storycraft. Join Pro Game Master Chris each week as he shares legendary tools to level up your Table-Top Role Play Experience. Chris has been playing, game mastering, and engineering professional and casual RPG adventures for over a decade. He combines his optimization experience as a process engineer with his passion for collaborative storytelling to provide a streamlined approach to Table-Top Roleplaying Games. Through practical experience and engaging interviews, Chris shares TTRPG strategies that work. Demystify the world of Dungeons and Dragons, unlock the secrets of roleplay, and don the mantle of Dungeon Mastery. Through a proprietary blend of interviews and solo shows, learn the secrets to skillful game mastering, efficient game prep, and optimized player engagement. You will learn how to start playing DND, how to make engaging characters, and how to get better at roleplay. Learn to structure your own campaigns, and gain advanced DM tips the pros use to keep their sessions epic and engaging. Hit subscribe and let’s start creating masterful stories, both at the table, and in real life. "