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Category: Self-Improvement
Last Update: 2024-06-18
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The podcast for over-educated, busy, and ambitious South Asian professionals and entrepreneurs. In each episode, Seema and Dinesh will dive into the philosophies, strategies, and tools that can help you live happier, healthier, productive, and fulfilled lives with more success. They will be talking about things that help you think, do, and be better in wide-ranging areas around the five pillars of a good life: health, wealth, love, happiness, and impact — to empower you to reach your highest potential without compromising what’s important. Dr. Seema Desai is a dentist, certified professional coach, and author of the book, “Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides.” She is also a devoted wife and proud mother to two children, as well as an advocate for creating learning equality in children in underserved countries through her work with Pratham USA. Dinesh Melwani is a law firm partner, author, speaker, and certified success and results coach. He is an internationally-recognized patent attorney that works with hi-tech clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 clients. He also believes deeply in the potential and capability inside of everyone. In addition, he is a loving father and husband. Join Seema and Dinesh each week as they explore, from the male and female South Asian perspectives, what makes you individually and uniquely happy and human, and what tools and insights allow us to reach that next level and beyond. You will learn how to level up your mindset, develop the needed leadership skills in your career and personal life, and learn how to live up to your potential.