Freedom Friendly Business

Freedom Friendly Business
11 Episodes
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Category: Marketing
Last Update: 2023-10-26
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Freedom Friendly Business is the podcast for course creators, coaches & change makers who are ready to break free from the relentless hustle of chasing every freaking click, sign-up, and sale, and want to exchange that for the sustainable, Freedom Friendly approach to growing a thriving business. I’m your host, Josephine Brooks. I learned the hard way that getting stuck in the launch cycle & relying on Instagram for sales was not the way to the freedom-filled lifestyle and thriving business I’d dreamed of. Luckily, burnout led me to create my Freedom Friendly Business approach. That’s what I implement for myself, my clients and *SPOILER ALERT* I want you to have a Freedom Friendly Business too! In these episodes you’ll discover insights from real-life clients, candid conversations with industry friends, as well as personal voice notes from me to you - all focussed on scaling your business the sustainable way. This podcast is your go-to resource for revolutionising the ‘standard’ approach to entrepreneurship, so you can build a thriving business that prioritises sustainable growth and real, personal freedom.