All Things Are Possible Teacher Podcast

All Things Are Possible Teacher Podcast
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Category: Education
Last Update: 2024-07-16
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Welcome to the “All Things Are Possible Teacher” Podcast! It’s time for educators and children to experience a Learning Transformation. Come join Desirée McGee-Greene as she embarks on this journey to transform literacy education by creating a community of learners who think independently, take responsibility for their own learning, and embrace challenges. She wants all students and children to believe all things are possible regardless of their ethnicity. Calling all teachers, parents, administrators, church and community leaders!! It’s time to dream big because the future of education is in your hands. If you value creativity, curiosity, and character development just as much as literacy, math, and writing skills, then this show is for you. What if…all learners saw what greatness and success could look like from people who look just like them? They are in charge of their own learning. Instead of ONLY learning from a teacher, they teach themselves and learn from their peers. They embrace challenges and see them as opportunities to grow. The All Things Are Possible Teacher podcast is upbeat, informative, and full of actionable step-by-step tips to help YOU feel more confident to become the best “coach” for your children and create a powerful “Learner Driven Community '' that incorporates ALL histories as a vehicle for learners to dream big. Host, Desiree McGee-Greene, was an elementary teacher turned literacy coach and Homeschool Mama with over 18 years of experience in education. Her son’s learning transformation starts now! Along with her family, she is creating her dream homeschool where her son and other children can discover their unique talents, gifts, and abilities that would one day change the world. She brings step-by-step strategies for incorporating peer teaching and learning, building independence, creativity, curiosity, and strong character. We believe here that all things are possible and that children deserve to find a calling on their life and change the world. Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this! Be sure to tune in and subscribe to the All Things Are Possible Teacher Podcast. You can also find Desiree on: FB- IG- Website-