You Are What You Love
61 Episodes
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Category: Society & Culture
Last Update: 2023-11-15
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Every Wednesday, Host Marissa Tandon sits down with a new guest to answer one question:  what piece of media changed who you are as a person forever?  each guest brings a new answer, and over the course of the conversation, tries to do something we forget how to do as adults.  Be honest and passionate about the one deeply nerdy thing at the core of themselves.  Whether it's a billionaire trapped in a cave building a suit of armor, or a teenage girl who finds out she's supposed to stake the undead after class, everyone has a character that made them feel seen for the first time.  Each conversation, we try to get to the heart of the piece of media you love so much, because ultimately, you are what you love. New episodes every Wednesday.  You can follow us on social media at tandonshows, and visit our website at