Up Your RPG - Helping you up your roleplaying game


Up Your RPG - Helping you up your roleplaying game
26 Episodes
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Last Update: 2023-01-18
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Each week we discuss a different topic that relates directly to tabletop role-playing gaming. You’ll hear unbiased, and sometimes biased, discourse among our cast of TTRPG gamers and GMs. We’ve got decades and decades of experience. We’ve put tons of time in, and have made all of the mistakes. We’re sharing our gaffs and glories to help you have richer role-playing experiences.

Every show will contain nuggets of knowledge that players and GMs alike will be able to incorporate into their own RPG tables. Whatever ruleset you’re into, from Dungeons & Dragons to Call of Cthulhu, from Savage Worlds to Blades in the Dark, you’ll learn something useful from each episode.