True Cybercrime Stories by BT
6 Episodes
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Category: Business
Last Update: 2023-11-22
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When the World Wide Web was created, could we ever have imagined our ability to use the internet - or not use it - turning our lives upside down? And that in the wrong hands, this new digital world could give criminals the opportunity to cause havoc at the flick of a switch? Narrated by award-winning actor Adrian Lester, True Cybercrime Stories recounts what happened on those fateful days when some of the biggest cyber crimes in recent history took companies, governments and public services by surprise. From the NHS to Twitter and Netflix, cyber criminals have rocked organisations large and small. How bad did it nearly get? What lessons were learned? And who is fighting back to thwart attacks in the future? True Cybercrime Stories is brought to you by BT - because BT means business.  Available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and wherever you listen to your podcasts. An Auddy Production Narrated by Adrian Lester Producers: Joleen Goffin, Phill Brown and Ivor Manley Scripting: Shantie Midnight Research: Holly Aquilina Executive Producers: Harri Watson and Sally Miller