The Courtship of Mona Mae

The Courtship of Mona Mae
3 Episodes
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Category: Drama
Last Update: 2021-03-09
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In the 1870s, pioneers Mona Mae Christophe and Zekial Montgomery search the American West for Mona Mae's mother, Clara. Mona must recall a past, long forgotten in order to survive, so that she can find her mother, love and create a way of life for herself. Mona's journey shows how knowing our stories and histories release us from not only bondage, but also open doors for a better understanding of self in order to create a strong life and future. Our goal is for you to be entertained, educated, empowered and uplifted after hearing this amazing story! Written and independently produced by Yhane Washington Smith an A' Leila Bundles Scholar at Columbia University.You can follow on Instagram: @Yhane.Writes.Audio, Twitter: @AudioHarlem, our web site: Thank you for listening!