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Category: Society & Culture
Last Update: 2024-03-21
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Obscured tells stories that unfold largely out of the public eye. Journalists Emily Previti and Stephanie Marudas cover critical issues that don’t get much attention in the media, reveal how these issues are complex and overshadowed and aim to cultivate understanding and explore potential solutions. Obscured is produced by Kouvenda Media and mixed by Brad Linder. The podcast features: • Original limited series that dive deep into an obscured issue • Conversational interview episodes with policy professionals, researchers and journalists • Revisiting past reporting and finding out what has happened since • Community-focused panel discussions Obscured's first season features a range of issues including the right to intellectual freedom in prison, harm reduction, compensation for people who were wrongfully convicted and a limited series about the stories of law enforcement trauma survivors. Through deep-dive reporting and conversational interview episodes, listeners will hear insights from law enforcement, trauma survivors, formerly incarcerated individuals, healthcare providers, attorneys, policy professionals, advocates, journalists and researchers about the path forward and navigating obstacles along the way. Obscured's limited series, From Words to Weapons, drops October 18th. Sign up for Obscured's newsletter: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/y/0B878C0FCD3461DB Learn more about how you can become a supporter of Obscured: https://www.kouvendamedia.com/support/