1972 - The Chisholm Campaign Trail and the Davis Trial


1972 - The Chisholm Campaign Trail and the Davis Trial
11 Episodes
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Category: History
Last Update: 2024-06-04
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Upon the 50 year anniversary of the historical events of these two famous Black women (Chisholm's campaign for the presidency of the U.S. and Davis's Trial for conspiracy to murder); comes "1972" by highly acclaimed, independent audio drama creator, Yhane Washington Smith. "1972" is an eight-part historical audio drama series detailing the powerful story of these two amazing Black women in U.S. history.   The show portrays the true story of Black women empowerment; of two African American women who refused to be ignored and silenced by a society too comfortable with the status quo. Our goal is for you to be entertained, educated, empowered, uplifted and love the amazing stories of Black women in U.S. history! Written and independently produced by Yhane Washington Smith an A' Lelia Bundles Scholar at Columbia University and ten time LMCC grantee. You can follow on Instagram: @Yhane.Writes.Audio, Twitter: @AudioHarlem, web site: YhaneWashingtonSmith.com. Subscribe to our newsletter: https://harlemqueen.substack.com/ Thank you for listening and reading! Huge shout out of appreciation to Blackbird Letterpress (https://www.blackbirdletterpress.com/) for their support in helping me make this show!