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Category: Health & Fitness
Last Update: 2023-07-24
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Bumpy road brought me here. As a past corporate rat, who was struggling to mantain work-life-balance, I can tell you it was bumpy indeed. Yet, I finally realised that in life there should not be work-life-balance. Should be only balance. So I've connected the dots and one day I started to do what I love the most - train people how to move different and move better. Basically how to improve their lives through sport. I don't speak to everybody cause I know we are in different moments of lives and we like different things. I speak to those who look for a read change, who wanna be brave enough to find their life essence and open on new activities. I focus mostly on people who didn't like sport before and they look for a chance for themselves cause they know they should somehow exercise. But they lack ideas, motivation and mostly, knowledge about technique and how to plan workout. And this I master in. Attention! I don't focus on outstanding muscular look and I am not competition driven. I wanna live good and my all journey led me to this point, to simply live good. And I speak about how I do this every day, with a bit of motivation and discipline.

In all of these years of personal trainer experience I have many stories to share and many tips to give. The knowledge you gain here will make you improve your exercise results, look at healthy activity with a different eye and recover faster. The prerequisite for change is an open mind and a willingness to learn from others.

I open the door for you, and you decide whether you will walk through it.

So if you're looking for purpose and motivation, want to take care of yourself, strengthen your body, increase your attractiveness, and most of all feel great, then make yourself comfortable. Subscribe to receive information about the new from Maybe it's our meetings here that will make me the missing element for you that will determine the success of your actions.

My name is Justyna Wenecka. I train normal people, more or less advanced, who want a real change. I monitor progress and guide on the way forward. I advise you on how to start and lead your adventure with sports so that it becomes your favorite daily activity, not a heavy duty. I myself have been where you are - lazy, without energy, tired quickly, sat out years in a corporation. I know what to do to make your life better, I know the magic formula and I will share it with you.

When I'm not doing sports, I'm playing the saxophone, traveling and wallowing in art.

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