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Last Update: 2024-07-18
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Each week Hollywood’s most talented people in the entertainment industry share true, personal stories on the Story Worthy Podcast. Story Worthy celebrates 14 years of podcasting in July 2024 and has over 800 episodes recorded. Christine Blackburn is the creator, host and producer of Story Worthy, Story Smash the Storytelling Game Show, and My Life In 3 Songs exclusively on Spotify. Listen to the entire episode wherever you hear podcasts. If you get a chance, will you please give Story Worthy 5 stars and a good review on Apple Podcasts? It always helps, thank you! And join the mailing list! Follow Christine’s new show, My Life In 3 Songs. Christine talks to comedians about the 3 songs in their lives that have impacted them, then they listen to the song. Listen exclusively on Spotify- Find My Life In 3 Songs on social media @MyLifeIn3Songs and at the website PLUS! Watch Story Smash The Storytelling Game Show! Comedians spin a wheel and tell TRUE 1-3 minute stories on the topic they land. You can watch episodes from the pandemic and from summer 2023 right now on YouTube- Story Smash website- And here's Christine everywhere- THANK YOU!