Simple Systems with Sam
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Category: Self-Improvement
Last Update: 2023-10-25
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Let's create simple systems for your teacher tasks and never ending mom-life schedule! We will chat about small steps that can increase task list productivity and help you efficiently grade, meal prep, and minimize your effort while maximizing your "me" time. From the classroom to the living room, we will use small changes to create big results in all areas of your life. Many of these time saving strategies come straight from self-improvement books, efficiency systems in factories, and my personal experiences with classroom management (managing everything from organization to mindsets, that is). As a former engineer turned high school science teacher, let me do the nerdy data collection and reporting for you. Let's take a journey from teacher tired to well rested! Sign up to get the 5 Steps to Tackle your To-Do List for FREE! Check out the daily ideas on Instagram Get Time Saving Teacher Templates on TPT