Emerging as Me
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Category: Relationships
Last Update: 2024-06-18
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Where can I find support through all of the hard seasons of life? Where can I find encouragement and solidarity, so that I know that I am not alone? How can I overcome this hardship? Is there a place to build community and friendship as we work through the hard times as well as celebrate the good times? Welcome to the Emerging as Me podcast! The podcast where we answer these questions and so much more! Tune in for conversations with me, your host, Kaitlin Cox, and special guests. As we work through the hard stuff together. We will uplift and empower one another to persevere through all of life’s challenges. We’ll cover it all! From marriage and motherhood, living in rural communities, loss and hardship, and how to keep faith alive while finding hope in your everyday life. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and loved. The journey of life, as I have learned, isn’t always a direct path to success and happiness. I’m traveling down life’s winding roads, learning to navigate as I go. Always growing and emerging with new perspectives and understanding. I’m constantly emerging as me, through all of the things that life throws my way. So join me on this journey as we choose to emerge as a better version of ourselves every day. Make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode! Let’s go y’all! Instagram: @emergingasme