The Travel Is Real
57 Episodes
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Category: Technology
Last Update: 2020-02-16
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The Travel is Real is a podcast about hearing captivating stories from adventures abroad. Each guest on the episode reveals an experience which occurred while traveling, backpacking, or living abroad. These stories range from fun, comedic, risqué, to bizarre, gross, harrowing or horrific. As long as the if the narrative is intriguing, I want to hear it! Typically if an interview revolves around an arduous, dangerous, or harrowing narrative, the guest and I will give advice and tips, so listeners can learn from the mistakes of the guests and myself (I’ve certainly made a few). Anything can happen when traveling around the world, which is why so many travelers posses fascinating stories to tell. The episodes vary in theme, but laughter is always a constant. This is a podcast which does not take itself to seriously. Some interview may encompass situations that at the time were very serious and in no way funny, but as most know, when reflecting back on a situation, laugher is common. The goal is to entertain and educate, and perhaps invoke some laugher.