The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast

The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast
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Last Update: 2024-07-08
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What is a workflow? How do I automate my business? How can I create an SOP? How do I launch a digital product? How can I organize my business and run it as a small business owner? How can I grow my email list realistically? How can I grow my small business? What are all the puzzle pieces I need to understand that impact the BACKEND of my business?And the biggest question of all is, “Am I smart enough to figure out systems, workflows, sops, how to grow an email list and can I launch products and still keep everything organized in my business as a solo business owner?” (Which by the way, YES YOU ARE smart enough to figure this out + and YES you CAN be organized and streamlined to best impact the backend of your business. And most importantly, YES you can slowly learn about the puzzle pieces of workflows, systems, sops, email list growth, and launches to best impact the BACKEND of your business!)Yes, I know that there are so many backend puzzle pieces to run your own business, but that is why The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast was created!The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is a podcast for creative business owners who want to learn tangible steps to automate their business through workflows, systems, tools, and strategy in order to go from scattered to streamlined with purpose. Because even muggles can become automated wizards.Come join me every week to see the magic in automating your business by giving you an inside look into my own business and journey to strategic systems. Plus, I’ll be bringing on guest experts who will share their experiences in strategic workflows, systems, and sops so you can learn along with me!Not a creative business owner? That's okay! You should still listen in for some strategy when it comes to running your own small business in all things workflows. Make sure you subscribe to The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast on your favorite podcast player! I’d also love to connect with you over on Instagram! Come find me at @dollydelongeducation! Talk to you soon! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.