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Special Educators Resource Room
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Category: Self-Improvement
Last Update: 2023-11-22
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Special Educators Resource Room with Jennifer DeBrosse is the podcast for busy special education teachers. Whether you’re brand new to the world of special education or an experienced teacher, this podcast will provide time-saving solutions for any busy special educator. Get ready to move things off your special educator plate without feeling like you have to live at school. I’m your host, Jennifer DeBrosse. I’m dual-certified, have been in education for over 25 years, and spent time in both the inclusion classroom and the resource room setting. I was also a special education instructional coach and mentor to hard-working educators just like you. Tune in each week for quick action-packed episodes. They will be short, sweet, and to the point because I know how busy you are. I’m on a mission to help you get your time back! Let’s connect! You can find more special education support at: Positively Learning Blog (PS: while you’re there, be sure to grab the free Special Educators Cheat Sheets!)