Consult the Negotiator Podcast

Consult the Negotiator Podcast
12 Episodes
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Category: Education
Last Update: 2021-09-29
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Welcome to Marc Siegel’s Consult the Negotiator Podcast. Marc is a principle thought leader on negotiations. As Chicago’s premier legal negotiator, Marc is known in the profession for his ability to resolve disputes by winning the other side over, even when the negotiable seems non-negotiable. His 20+ years of experience working in employment law have led him to an important conclusion: that negotiation is the number one skill needed to become a great lawyer. Marc also believes it be an often-overlooked area of the profession (in both practice and education). With this podcast, Marc aims to remedy this. Each episode will present a discussion with a leading expert from various fields of the law and aims to provide essential strategies, tips and information for those wishing to become better negotiators, which is in turn essential to becoming a better lawyer.