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Category: Buddhism
Last Update: 2024-03-29
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Jo and Melissa practice Nichiren Buddhism, a practical way of turning whatever life throws at you into a source of strength, connection with others and deep joy. They chat with some of the awesome human beings they've met through the practice. Nichiren Daishonin found the great truth at the heart of the Lotus Sutra (one of Siddhattha Gautama / Buddha Shakyamuni's later teachings) - everyone, equally, has the potential to attain Buddhahood, just as they are. This was revolutionary for 13th century Japan, and, let's face it still contentious for some now. Over 800 years later the practice he founded has spread around the world. It's an energising, hands-on approach to transforming your life and the world around you by connecting to the life force at the heart of the universe and everyone else on the planet.