Rabbi Shay Tahan
146 Episodes
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Category: Religion & Spirituality
Last Update: 2023-09-07
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Welcome to Virtual Yeshiva with Rabbi Shay Tahan! Rabbi Shay Tahan runs a very busy Bet Horaha where he helps people with their halachic questions via phone, text,emails or other means, he is very experienced and familiar in the world of halacha. He learned in the prestigious yeshiva of Beit Shmaya and in Kiryat Malachi located in Eretz Yisrael. In addition, Rabbi Tahan has a radio show on JRoot radio every Friday where people can call you their Halacha questions and are answered live on the air, and every morning on Kol Barama a 5 minutes Halacha three times a day right after the eight o'clock, nine o'clock, and ten o'clock news. Rabbi Tahan leads the Shaarei Ezra Kollel at the central Bnei Yosef shul at Ave P and Ocean Pkwy in Brooklyn, and the Sephardic Marine Park shul in Brooklyn.
Rabbi Tahan appoints rabbis and sofrim who went through his system in the kollel.