Deep CV Diving
22 Episodes
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Category: Careers
Last Update: 2024-06-19
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Welcome to Deep CV Diving, a podcast where I dive deep into the CVs of industry leaders, to find the pearls of wisdom to help you in your career. I'm your host, Graham Seldon, and over the next six episodes you can listen in to interviews I've conducted with some of the world's most successful Professional Services, Business Development, Marketing, and Communications leaders. As an executive recruiter with over 25 years experience, I've conducted thousands of interviews and I never get bored. That's because by carefully asking the right questions and being interested in people's stories, no interview is ever the same and there is often much to learn what drives leaders in our field. What steps did they take to get where they are now? And what advice would they give to their younger selves? How have they navigated the highly political and competitive businesses they work in? Let's dive deep and find out.This podcast was powered by Seldon Rosser.Editor and Mix Engineer: Matteo Magariello. Producer and Creative Director: Peter Kerwood. Executive Producer: Graham Seldon. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.