The Cerca Guide to Iceland
10 Episodes
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Category: Places & Travel
Last Update: 2022-12-16
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Welcome to Cerca! We’re putting the world's best travel guide on your phone. Visit to sign up for access.---At the tender age of 16 million years, Iceland is a geological infant, where volcanoes are still building this truly unique place. If it's the dark winter wonderland or the constant light of Icelandic summer there are so, so many experiences here. And in this Cerca Guide, the brilliant Svavar Jónatansson shares the secrets of the land, the sagas of the people, and stories from the history of one of the least densely populated places on Earth.And there's even more in the Cerca app - bonus content, maps, and info on the points of interest mentioned in our episodes. Listen, become inspired and plan all without worrying about having to hit pause and take notes - because the info you need is waiting for you in the Cerca App. Whether you're planning a trip to Iceland in the near future, are already there, or just want to learn about a place we love, you're in the right place. This is what we do.~This Cerca Guide was written and voiced by Svavar Jónatansson---At Cerca, we want our community to be a part of building this amazing new way to explore the world, and to benefit from its success. For a limited time Cerca is open for investment through Republic. For as little as $100 you can own a piece of this company.