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House Call Vet Café Podcast
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Last Update: 2024-06-11
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At The House Call Vet Café, we make it our mission to give our community of house call veterinarians a platform to share their stories, lift each other up, support each other, and share actionable tips, whether they are a super experienced house call vet with 30 years of experience, a brand new prospective house call vet just looking to get started… or are simply house call curious! We highlight house call veterinarians in our community who are doing unique and innovative things. You can also look forward to hearing valuable information and perspectives on mobile practice from specialists & experts outside of the mobile veterinary microniche. To help other veterinarians pursue their paths as mobile vets, I started The House Call Vet Academy. This is a continuing education program designed to provide detailed results-driven support for veterinarians practicing on a mobile basis. Here in this podcast, we will also be discussing content related to my unique approach to vet success & freedom from inside The House Call Vet Academy online course. Resources: You can visit my website at  To learn more about the House Call Vet Academy or to enroll in my online course visit