Your Midlife Comeback Story

Your Midlife Comeback Story
148 Episodes
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Category: Alternative Health
Last Update: 2024-07-12
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Do you wake up every day with a to-do list that gets results for everyone else... but taking care of yourself is NOT on the list?Welcome to Your Midlife Comeback Story, the podcast for successful women in midlife to create their ultimate comeback by prioritizing their health so that their high-achievement lifestyle no longer clashes with unwanted weight gain, lack of energy, and restless nights.I'm your host, Holly Bertone. I'm a former FBI Chief of Staff turned Certified Holistic Health Coach, and I help women in midlife find the clues to improve their health. What I noticed is that while we're successful with our careers and families, those same action strategies don't work when it comes to sustainable habits for our health.I learned this the hard way after being diagnosed with breast cancer and an autoimmune disease, and I knew there's more to life than burning the candle at both ends. I decided to take back control of what's most important in life, and I'm here to help you do the same.Tune in every Friday for tactical action plans and inspirational stories so that you can create your midlife comeback story that is worthy of an 80's movie montage!▶️ Podcast on the web:▶️ WTH Happened to My Midlife Health Free Training:▶️ Private Podcast Freebie:▶️ Follow on Instagram: ▶️ Coaching & Connection: Bertone is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Holobody Coach, Certified Project Management Professional, Keynote Speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and Host of Your Midlife Comeback Story Podcast.