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JazzCast Pros is on a mission to empower, educate and inspire women and people of color to attain social equity, become financially independent and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Getting Real with Bossy

It’s time to get real about what it takes to make it as a woman business owner! Hosted by Kelly Bush and Kelly Metras, multi-business owners in Rochester NY, co-founders of BOSSY - a networking group uniting women business owners through in-person & virtual networking events and educational workshops. We are a source of information, resources and genuine connection between fellow women business owners. Subscribe now and join the BOSSY community. New episodes every last Monday of the month. Getting Real with BOSSY – true, honest conversations about what it REALLY takes to be a woman business owner. New episodes every last Monday of the month. Produced by JazzCast Pros Theme Music ”Do it” by Infraction ”Mellow Bop” by Prigida & ”You are the Best” by Cutesy Chamber Ensemble

Beauty Boss Millionaire

Quick boss tips to grow your small business into a million-dollar empire. Hosted by self-made millionaire entrepreneur Falicia Fracassi, owner of Fracassi Lashes, the Blow Dry Lounge and vacation real estate properties. Falicia explains how she expanded her business from her New York garage into a multi-location corporation while being a mother of two. When beauty services were shut down by the pandemic, she created a branded line of magnetic lashes to keep her clients looking fabulous at home and the cash-flow rolling in. Tune in and be inspired to make your first million this year!

Healthy Illness

(Formerly Living the Front Seat Life) A weekly podcast to help you build healthy relationships while living with mental illness. Hosted by Kelly Marie a mental health advocate who shares her own life experiences with anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder to empower you to surpass the limitations of your diagnosis and be happy in your own skin. Topics include relationships with food, friends, clutter, responsibilities and self. New episodes every Monday on the JazzCast Pros Network.

"You Are Not Your Trauma" on The Dr. Wendy Rhodes Show

Dr. Wendy Rhodes is an Emotional Wound Care Coach & Expert, specializing in providing a safe/confidential space for women to heal from emotional traumas to experience Self Love Redefined which is Beautifully Integrated with Love so Women Overcoming Unresolved Issues with Necessity and Determination can know that "you are Not your trauma!" I use my 20+ years of experience and knowledge as a Wound Care Nurse to relate the natural stages of wounds to the spiritual stages of wounds to bring about healing for the soul. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

Personal Development
Declutter Empress Radio

This monthly podcast will provide you with snippets on how to live a clutter-free life. Your host, Derria, is a strong believer in self-care and encourages anyone to live a joyful and clutter-free life on purpose. Plus join Declutter Empress Radio on Twitter for more conversation between episodes. Please send questions to

Society / Culture
Igniting Hope for Health Equity

Exposing the social norms, policies and systems that contribute to health inequities in Black America. Our mission is to report the facts and offer solutions to eliminate race-based disparities and achieve health equity across Western New York. The conversation is led by Pastor George F Nicholas the Senior pastor of Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church and Chairman of the Buffalo Center for Health Equity.

Women in Cannabis

A weekly podcast to help you, the budding entrepreneur, profit and grow in New York’s marijuana industry. Our mission is to help women navigate the politics around this new economy so that you can legally serve the cannabis community. New episodes every Friday. Hosted by Shaina St. John, a certified pharmacy technician in New York’s Medical Marijuana Program and advocate of breaking the grass ceiling for women in corporate cannabis. The War on Drugs has impacted too many families, taken away too many of our husbands and sons and left many black and brown communities broken and in poverty. Finally, the decriminalization of marijuana in New York offers Women in Cannabis an opportunity for us to claim reparations, rebuild our families and create generational wealth.

Gay Woman Podcast

My name is Ebony the creator, producer & host of the show. "Gay Woman Podcast" was created to be an extension for my 13 year old self-published lesbian novella "Tongue Love. "... let's keep the visibility & voice of Gay Women GOING! Email: BUY eBook: 👉🏾 Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

Fatha Torch

Be the dad you always wish you had. Start with an open discussion about fatherhood and the struggles we face as Black men in America. Topics include self-love, the child support system, emotional trauma from toxic relationships, societal injustices and reentry after incarceration. Hosted by Rah, a father of nine children, artist and founder of Abimilechh Foundation in Rochester, NY. F.A.T.H.A. T.O.R.C.H. is an acronym meaning: fathers are the highest authorities teaching of rooted cultural heritage.

The Author 2 Author Podcast

Pamela R Haynes interviews brand new Authors from around the globe.

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