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Fireside History presented by Luzerne County Historical Society

Luzerne County Historical Society Director of Operations and Programs and Museum Curator, Mark Riccetti, Jr. and Wilkes-Barre Area School District Social Studies teacher and former Luzerne County Historical Society board member, Michael Ward, discuss some well known and never heard of topics about the rich and full history of Luzerne County. Become a Patron! Shop on Amazon

The Fire and Ice Podcast

From the co-hosts of Fireside History presented by the Luzerne County Historical Society, a new podcast talking all things ice hockey is making its debut. Join Michael Ward, Mark Riccetti, Jr., and Nick Phillips as they leave the fireside and hit the ice. Become a Patron! Shop on Amazon

Playing With Matches

Three fans of the attitude era are now adults, but still enjoy professional wrestling. Join Mark Riccetti, Jr. (Fireside History and The Fire and Ice Podcast), Nick Phillips (The Fire and Ice Podcast), and Michael Ward (Fireside History and The Fire and Ice Podcast) as they discuss the news from around professional wrestling and review shows, both old and new, on Playing With Matches. Become a Patron! Shop on Amazon

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