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Each week, in the award-winning radio show and podcast Unbelievable?, Justin Brierley asks questions like: Is there evidence for God? Can we trust the Bible? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and sceptics talking.

Ask NT Wright Anything

The weekly podcast that connects you to NT (Tom) Wright’s thought and theology by allowing you to ask the questions. Presented by Premier Unbelievable? in partnership with SPCK and NTWrightOnline. Hosted by Justin Brierley.

Bible in a Year

Every day throughout the year we'll be bringing you an audio scripture reading from the Old and New Testament. 'Scripture quotations taken from The Holy Bible, New International Version (Anglicised edition) Copyright (c) 1979, 1984, 2011 Biblica, published by Hodder & Stoughton Publishers'. More information available at

The Bible for Today with John Stott

Billy Graham once referred to John Stott as “the most respected clergyman in the world.” In 2005, Time Magazine ranked him among the 100 most influential people in the world. Today Stott’s incredible theological and practical insights are available to you in The Bible for Today with John Stott. Giving you a fresh, clear, and true vision of the authentic Jesus, The Bible for Today balances high theology with practical Christian living in a way that compels every listener to soak in and live out the truth of God’s Word.

A Mucky Business with Tim Farron

Each week Christian MP Tim Farron unpacks the murky world of politics and encourages believers around the UK to engage prayerfully. Tim will share what life is like in Parliament, which issues Christians should care about and what you can do to make a difference. Tune in every Tuesday at 5pm or download the podcast from your chosen podcast provider.

The C.S. Lewis podcast

A weekly podcast from Premier Unbelievable? with Professor Alister McGrath exploring C.S. Lewis’ thought, theology and teaching. C.S. Lewis is one of the most influential voices in modern Christianity. The 20th Century British writer and lay theologian has profoundly impacted Christians around the world and brought many atheists and agnostics to faith in Jesus. One person whose faith was greatly encouraged by the writings of C.S. Lewis is Professor Alister McGrath. Both men were raised in Northern Ireland, studied at Oxford University and went on to become professors there. They also both came to faith from atheism slightly later in life. Alister has written numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including a seminal biography C.S. Lewis – A Life. Every Monday, Ruth Jackson and Professor Alister McGrath will reflect on C.S. Lewis’ ideas, life and influence as well as trying to answer questions that impact culture today.

The Profile

Find out what makes influential Christian leaders tick! Hear the faith stories of a huge range of church leaders, musicians, preachers and more, as they share how God has led and guided them through both valleys and mountain-top experiences. The Profile brings you in-depth interviews to help you learn from the wisdom and experiences of people who have gone all-in for God. Past guests include church leaders such as HTB’s Nicky Gumbel, the world renown DJ Moby, Bible teachers Joyce Meyer and John Mark Comer, missionary Jackie Pullinger, Gospel superstar Fred Hammond and worship leaders Martin Smith and Tim Hughes. New episodes are published every Friday, PLUS check out bonus episodes every Wednesday, where our resident leadership expert Andy Peck interviews a range of pastors, preachers and practitioners on the topic of Christian leadership. The Profile is brought to you by Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine. If you enjoy The Profile you’re sure to love Premier Christianity magazine which will help you understand the changing culture around us and what God is doing through his Church today, read for free now at

Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion

Bring some Spirit-filled peace into your hectic schedule every weekday morning with this new Daily Devotional.

The Naked Love Podcast

Premier Gospel presents, Naked Love, hosted by Khafi aka A Cup of Khafi and Theo Manderson. The PC filter has been turned off and the truth is being laid bare in this podcast presented through a Christian perspective. It’s time to hear about real love, not just the type that is presented from the pulpit…It’s time for Naked Love. *Contains discussions of an adult nature*

The Leadership Show

Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.

Lucas on Life

Join Jeff Lucas as he uses his own unique brand of humour and storytelling to help us understand God's truth, whatever life throws at us.

Matters of Life and Death

In each episode of Matters of Life and Death, brought to you by Premier Unbelievable?, John Wyatt and his son Tim discuss issues in healthcare, ethics, technology, science, faith and more. John is a doctor, professor of ethics, and writer and speaker, while Tim is a religion and social affairs journalist. We talk about how Christians can better engage with a particular question of life, death or something else in between. For more resources to help you explore faith and the big questions, visit: If you want to go deeper into some of the topics we discuss, find more resources to read, listen to and watch at John’s website:

Unapologetic | Premier Unbelievable?

A weekly show from Premier Unbelievable? in which Justin Brierley interviews leading apologists, theologians and evangelists in order to help Christians understand, defend and share their faith with confidence... unapologetically!   For more from Premier Unbelievable? visit:  For our Premier Unbelievable? Live events:

Premier Christian Newscast

The podcast, brought to you by Premier, which takes you deeper into the stories impacting Christians around the world. Each week, we’ll dig into a particular issue, hearing from those directly involved or with a vested interest to make sense of the story and why it matters.

The Compassion UK & Ireland Podcast

The Compassion UK and Ireland podcast tells the unseen story of Compassion’s ministry, going deep on topics that prevent children reaching their full potential and the incredible difference local churches are making around the world. Hosted by Jane’alam Sheikh (Janay), who was sponsored through Compassion’s programme as a child, we unpack some of the complex issues that impact global poverty and how Compassion and churches globally work holistically to lift children out of poverty. We also get an opportunity to explore how we can pray into these situations. To learn more about Compassion’s work visit or This podcast is produced by Premier. Head to for more.

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