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I help connect ”stuck in a funk” women with top-notch expert coaches in every aspect of life to help them manifest a life they only once dreamed of.

The Rants of Izzo Show

Random, comedic and politically incorrect! Every night for one hour, two talented radio hosts: Dominick Izzo and Common Sense Ashley come together to deliver a unique stream of consciousness for their loyal and growing audience. Those easily offended need not apply. Mature audiences only. Dominick Izzo is a retired police officer, former political candidate, author and Warrior for Christ. His mission is healing police community relations and modeling the oath he swore when wearing the badge. Izzo believes his greatest service is to God and in serving his community he is living the calling that he was made for. Common Sense Ashley is a California free thinker, former political candidate and current business owner. Her strength is communicating the blaring hypocrisies that divide us and unite those willing to step away from ego. Ashley knows that common sense is subjective but basic human needs are similar.

Patriot Barbie

Welcome to The Patriot Barbie Podcast, the compelling conservative answer to the leftist woke mob. Lindsey Graham is the nationally recognized salon owner from Oregon who refused to comply with tyranny during lockdowns and has won the nation over with her authentic and unapologetic voice for American liberties. She empowers listeners with faith-infused, freedom-steeped content, sparking unbridled enthusiasm for God and America. Lindsey is the unwavering voice of truth-seeking, liberty-loving women on the right and men on the front lines. She is a fierce right-leaning mama bear, a successful entrepreneur and a red blooded patriot, but this definitely isn’t your average mommy blog. This is a place where conservative Christian values are held sacred. This is a place where faith, family, and liberties are protected with unrelenting grit and grace. This is where Americans listen in, and find their own strength to take a stand! Please subscribe, leave a great review and share with your friends. Thank to my sponsors and partners. Find out more about who supports this show on

Freedom Talk

Truth is a mighty weapon, and FreedomTalk cuts a gaping swath of Liberty through the lies of the Left. With engaging guests and insightful commentaries, Kelly will help you crush tyranny and take back your Freedom! Kelly John Walker is an American statesman, top-level writer, branding professional, and entrepreneur. He is Founder of FreedomTalk, Editor-in-Chief of FreedomTalk Magazine, a writer for The Epoch Times, and a partnering member of Discussion Island and Mash Media.

The RealNewsLucretiaHughes’s Podcast

Become a supporter today: To help support us: Promo Code: Lucretia LucretiaHughes For FallbackUSA Merchandise *Lucretia is not funded by a big corporation. She is funded by You! So please like and share the video. **Do not own copyright to music ==============

Become WAR | With Dominick Izzo

At some point all men find themselves fighting an inner war. Do not run from these battles; do not seek peace. For your character will be forged through these wars. Your integrity will chastened through their fires. Your will shall become emboldened from these campaigns. Do not seek the softness of peace that a weaker man would run and hide into. Instead purposly seek out the fight and sprint towards the conflict that will set you apart from all others. Become the shelter and safe haven for those in need, become the protection and shield for the weak, become the servant and steward of all.To become peace you first mustBecome WAR.

Finish The Race

A daily podcast hosted by Eric Thompson discussing political, cultural, and spiritual issues from a Christian worldview.

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