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Failure to Stop and Grommet Vommit podcast fall under the C Minus Media podcast umbrella. C Minus produces and manages podcast that are trust worthy, meaningful and entertaining.

Failure To Stop

Former police officers Mike The Cop and Eric Tansey recount their crazy stories on patrol, break down the top stories of the week behind the badge, and tell you why we shouldn’t defund the police... because they’re retired and can say whatever the hell they want.

Grommet Vommit

Grommet Vommit is podcast inspired by the stoke of two nine year old kids (groms), JB2 and The Duke. Both are sponsored boarders who live and breath action sports. Join JB2 and Duke as they interview some of the most influential people in the Grom industry. This podcast is meant to motivate kids to get outside and to get stoked about life outdoors.

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