Kara Loewentheil

UnF*ck Your Brain

Kara Loewentheil, J.D., is a Master Certified Coach, Host of the top-rated podcast UnF*ck Your Brain, and creator of The Clutch: A feminist mindset revolution. A graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School, she did what every Ivy League feminist lawyer should do: Quit a prestigious academic career to become a life coach! Her Jewish parents have almost recovered. Five years later she has taught thousands of women how to identify the ways that sexist socialization impacts their brains, and how to literally rewire their thought patterns to create true authentic confidence from within. Her podcast, UnF*ck Your Brain, which combines evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology, and feminist theory in concrete and practical teachings and tools, has more than 12 million downloads. In 2019 she launched The Clutch, a feminist coaching community aimed at spreading the feminist mindset revolution across the globe. Since then thousands of women have joined and learned how to overcome insecurity, anxiety, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, and their dependence on external validation. Kara specializes in teaching a step-by-step system that identifies and removes internalized oppression and creates new and unshakeable self-confidence. Because true self-love is a radical act for women, and because women who love themselves are women who change the world.

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