30 High-Yield Pediatrics Questions (powered by OnlineMedEd)

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This is a beta-version of our current questions covering high-yield pediatrics for the shelf exam. Please note, the questions in this preview are being re-mixed and re-recorded along with additional pediatrics content. If you like to learn on the go, check out what we're developing in the beta-version of our complete All-Audio Qbank, which you can find here.  Content courtesy of OnlineMedEd. Copyright OnlineMedEd. Questions have been optimized and edited for audio consumption. For more great content go to onlinemeded.org. ITB Audio Qbank and iOS Beta App The Audio Qbank by InsideTheBoards mobile app has both free and premium features and is available on both Android and iOS.  To get started, first, create a Boardsinsider Account on our website insidetheboards.com Free Features  All of our podcasts in one place organized into playlists for easy studying (also with less ads and exclusive content)  Mindfulness meditations designed specifically for medical students  A monthly offering of high yield content (questions dissections, audio qbank samples) available only on our mobile app.  Premium Features Subscribe to an ITB premium account and get additional features  Access to 500+ audio optimized board style practice questions in our Audio Qbank. The Step 1 version is powered by Exam Circle and the Step 2 Version is powered by OnlineMedEd. New questions added each month.  High Yield Pharmacology (powered by Lecturio) with 100 of the top pharm questions you need to know for both Step 1 and Step 2  Audio Flashcards (coming soon)  Our audio qbank is THE PERFECT companion for studying for the boards on the go. And we're adding content and improving it all the time.   Learn more about the Audio Qbank by InsideTheBoards mobile app here