That Season of Hope

That Season of Hope


That Season of Hope NEW! Audio version of the 2013 book by long-time radio personality and writer Keith Larson, with Nancy Larson. Includes 2018 Update!

That Season of Hope is the love story of a city, a football team, and a dying girl and her last wish. It is a timeless human drama revealing everlasting truths about the power of purpose, the splendor in letting go, and the true impact of a wish.

It is about NFL football and the men who play it.

And it provides a practical answer to the question, "To what end, Faith?" in a world where tragic things happen to innocent people.

That Season of Hope is the story of the Carolina Panthers' 2003 "Cinderella" run to the Super Bowl, the amazing Make-A-Wish of 12-year-old Panther fan Hope Stout and "her Panther" Kevin Donnalley, and the beautiful blur they all became as people in the Carolinas and around the world were swept up by them.

Narrated by Keith Larson. Produced by Keith Larson with John Causby, Groundcrew Sound. Engineered by John Causby.

"That Season of Hope" Copyright © 2013, 2018 Keith Larson. All Rights Reserved.


That Season of Hope 

Preface and Dedication

Part One

The Panthers     :08:07

The Girl     :22:10

A Pain in the Knee     :36:11

Cardiac Cat     :46:39

Beach Week     :57:39

Action!     1:03:31

Plundering Villain     1:13:32

A Family Thing     1:22:23

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt     1:35:04

Hail Mary     1:47:44

Big Number 65     2:04:17

Part Two

The Radio Guy     2:26:03

The Wish     2:47:07

Hope Explains it All     3:09:24

Brush Fire     3:22:20

Who'll Gimme Twenty?     3:47:47

On the Rock     4:03:24

Silent Night     4:22:55

Keep Pounding     4:32:05

There's Always Hope     4:40:15

Page 5-B     4:57:43

Greatest Show on Turf     5:17:37

Panthermonium     5:44:47

The Celebration of Hope     5:57:57

A Little Football     6:23:00

One Hundred Fifty-Five     6:32:54

Epilogue - "The Spirit of Hope Keeps Rockin' On!     6:44:15

Acknowledgements     7:38:25

2018 Updates     7:43:43

About the Author

"That Season of Hope" Copyright © 2013, 2018 Keith Larson. All Rights Reserved.