The Second Coming of Klaus Kinski by Andrew Perez



Klaus Kinski is one of the most celebrated and controversial actors in the history of world cinema. The reckless abandon with which he approached both life and art left him tortured, demonized and worshiped. Before his famed collaborations with director Werner Herzog ("Aguirre," "The Wrath of God," "Nosferatu," "Fitzcarraldo"), Klaus Kinski was a tortured B-movie character actor who had become a touring sensation for his livewire theatrical performances. It was during this time that Kinski starred as Jesus Christ in a one-man show that had taken him a decade to write. Audiences were outraged at Kinski’s audacious portrayal of Jesus and heckled him mercilessly. After only two performances, Kinski canceled the tour. It’s now 2018, and actor-writer Andrew Perez (David Miscavige in "My Scientology Movie") does battle with Kinski’s demons in an effort to resurrect him and finish the job in one last command performance, THE SECOND COMING OF KLAUS KINSKI. People will tell you he is dead. Don’t believe them!