April 17, 2021 -World Crisis Radio
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With less than two weeks left in Biden’s hundred days, his popularity stands at 59% based on new sample of 5100 adults; 72% approve of President’s vaccine policies;

US Treasury reports Manafort associate Kilimnik gave Trump campaign’s internal polling to Russian intelligence in 2016, definitively establishing collusion; Japan, US renew mutual defense treaty against China, pledge cooperation on 5G, semiconductor supply chains, AI, genomics, and quantum computing; Ineffective Chinese Covid vaccine becomes major issue in Brazil; US and international community must urgently respond to shortage of medical oxygen in India;

Kerry’s bizarre doctrine of “Climate Stands Alone” separate from all other issues turns US strategic needs upside down;

GOP’s “Ku Klux Caucus” under heavy fire; Make the April 28 birthday of James Monroe, who wiped out the treasonous and dictatorial Federalists, the beginning of the end for today’s Republican Party

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