February 11, 2021
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Rapid Extinction of GOP Hangs in Balance as Verdict in Trump Trial is Expected this Weekend; Acquittal Will Condemn Once-Proud Party of Lincoln to Garbage Can of History; Fulton County Georgia DA Fani Willis Is Pursuing a Criminal Probe of Trump’s January 2 Phone Call Illegally Demanding 11,780 More Votes from State Officials;

Better Late than Never: Resident Historiographer John Meacham, an Acolyte of the Bush and McCain Liberal Republican Factions, Acknowledges Very Late in the Game that Understanding Trumpism Requires Study of Europe in the 1930s, Something He Admits He Has Been Resisting for Years; Remote Comparisons to King and Tsar Are Indeed Far Afield in Early Twenty-First Compared to Duce, Fuhrer, Caudillo and Vozd; Tax Wall Street Party Has Had Absolute Unwavering Clarity on this Issue Over Last Five Years; Democratic Impeachment Managers Please Take Note;

This is What Trump Has Done to America: Managers Focus on Trump’s Culture of Violence over Years; He Shows No Remorse and Took No Action During Fascist Takeover of US Capitol; Rep. Degette Asks: What New Horrors Await Us?; Main Point: Trump Threat Continues!

House Managers Rest after Two Days of Powerful Arguments and Audiovisual Aids; World Reactions, Especially from Strategic Foes Russia and China; Trump’s Likely Shoestring Defense by Low-Budget Team Reflects Don’s Contempt for Constitution and Laws; 

Lesson of GOP Depravity is To Avoid Fascist Dictatorship, There Must Never Again a Be a Republican President or a Republican Congress; Convicting Trump Would Be a Valuable Step towards Pacification;

Note to Biden: Best Non-Partisan Phase of American History Came After Rapid Collapse of Federalists After 1815; James Monroe of Jeffersonians was Elected President in 1820 Running Unopposed for Second Term; Monroe Incorporated Vital Parts of Hamiltonian Program, Including the Second Bank of United States, Internal Improvements of Infrastructure, and the Monroe Doctrine Launched  by John Quincy Adams

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