April 22, 2020
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GOP Governors Court New Wave Of Virus Infections In Classic Flight Forward To Propitiate Trump And Terminate Necessary Stay At Home Orders; Wave Of Small-Scale Astroturf Protests Is Product Of GOP Tea Party Networks With Financing From Republican Dark Pools, Plus Fanatical Elmer Gantries; Flurry Of Polls Shows Steady Decline In Support For Trump And His Wretched Pandemic Performance; Cuomo Notes That No Outcome Is Worse Than Death, But Reactionaries Care Nothing About Deaths Of Others; If Yearning To Work, They Should Find Jobs At A Hospital Or Delivery Service;

Breaking: In Attempted Purge Of Competent Scientists To Make Way For Pro-GOP Charlatans And Quacks, Trump Fires Dr. Rick Bright As CDC Director Of The Biomedical Advanced Research And Development Authority (BARDA) And HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary For Preparedness And Response; Top Vaccine Developer Had Demanded Rigorous Clinical Trials Before Government Use Of Trump’s Hobby Horse Hydroxychloroquine; Bright Welcomed By NIH, Will Submit Whistleblower Complaint On Incident; His Motto: “Science, Not Politics Or Cronyism”

At White House Briefing, Trump Tries To Force CDC Director Redfield To Recant Warning That Next Winter’s Likely Combination Of Seasonal Flu And Covid Could Be More Dangerous Than Current Ordeal; Fauci States Second Wave Will Occur; Events Come After NIH Panel Set Up By Fauci’s Office Pronounced Trump’s Favorite Snake Oil Cure For Covid Useless And Possibly Dangerous

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