August 4, 2018 WCR
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Last Days of Pompeii on Wall Street as Apple Hits Absurd $1 Trillion Market Cap and P/E Ratio of S+P Is Dizzy 31.2!

Emerging Sino-Russian Pincer Attack on U.S. Opens New Front in Trade War: Moscow Dumps $90 Billion in Treasury Bonds in April-May and Buys Gold, Driving 10-Year Rates to 7-Year High and Setting Up Short Squeeze on Hedge Funds; Chinese Signal Selloff of U.S. Properties, Threatening Commercial Real Estate Bubble; Trump Stock Euphoria Doomed As $900 Billion in Hot Money Evaporates Due to Higher Fed Funds and Quantitative Tightening, End of ECB Easing, and UK Bank Rate Hike; Recalling Henry Paulson’s 2010 Report That Putin Urged Beijing to Dump Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Other U.S. Agency Bonds Ten Years Ago This Week; Beware Sneak Attack Using $1.2 Trillion in Treasuries Held by Beijing!

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