June 24, 2019
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Trump Regime Signals Appeasement Of China At G-20 In Osaka; After Kim-Xi Summit, Chinese Dictator Likely To Seek Package Deal For Trade Tariffs, Huawei, and North Korea; Don Sees Vital National Interests As Bargaining Chips!

Iran’s Khamenei Sanctioned; Outgoing Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Gen. Dunford Is Moderating Influence On Trump’s Ship Of Fools; Neocon Warmongers Bolton & Pompeo Are First In Line For Impeachment!; Hong Kong Protests Continue; U.S. Expands Entities List To Include People’s Liberation Army Supercomputing Firm; Issue Is Exascale Computer Leadership; Breaking: Bernie’s Plan To Pay Off $1.6 Trillion In Student Loan Debt Has Merit, Won’t Work Without 0% Federal Reserve Credit To Front This Sum While Wall Street Sales Tax Is Collected Over Several Years!

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