June 10, 2020
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In Major Defeat for Regime, Federal Judge Slams Barr’s Department of Justice for Attempt to Drop Charges Against Trump Clique’s Darling Flynn; Gleeson Sees “Gross Abuse of Prosecutorial Power” with Corrupt Move to Dismiss “Based Solely on the Fact That Flynn is a Political Ally of President Trump”; Flynn Sentencing Looms;

Hill GOP Forced onto Defensive as McConnell Wants Sen. Scott of South Carolina to Help Republicans Fabricate Common Line on Race; With George Floyd Attending as Witness, GOP Members of Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee Mute Usual Ultra-Reactionary Rhetoric and Simulate Humane Profile; 

Defenestrations in Russia: Seven Covid Patients and Critical Doctors Have Mysteriously Fallen out of Windows as Putin’s Pandemic Management Falls Short;

In Failure of Reconstruction after Civil War, Class Played Major Role alongside Race: Growth of Labor Movement in 1870s Terrified Wall Street Plutocrats, Causing 1877 End of Reform Agenda for Southern States;

Breaking: As Confederate Statues Topple, Forts Bragg, Hood, and Pickett Are Under Pressure to Rename and NASCAR Announces Ban on Confederate Flag from Events and Properties; Wall Street’s Kudlow Reassures America That Systemic Racism in Police Departments Does Not Exist

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