June 22, 2020
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Trump’s Blatant Weakness Emerges: No Show of Force, But an Abject Fiasco in Deep Red Oklahoma; Don’s Base Is Finally Breaking as Frightened Older Voters Recoil; How Long Will Hill GOP Ignore the Massive Defections?; No States Can Now Be Considered Reliable; Nuremberg Rally as Model Campaign Event Is No Longer Viable; Trump Wanted Status of Six (Now Eight) Covid-Infested Advance Staffers Kept Secret; Too Bad for Those Who Might Have Succumbed; 

Some Who Deserve To Be Honored By Statues and/or Bases: Harriet Tubman, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, MacArthur, Lincoln, Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nimitz, Farragut, Columbus, Tuskegee Airmen, and Lafayette Park’s Steuben, Rochambeau, Kosciusko, and Lafayette Himself; Schiller (in Central Park), Dante (in DC’s Meridian Hill Park);

Do Not Deserve Statues or Bases: Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Gen. Albert Pike, R.E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, James P. Buchanan, Jeb Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forest (Nashville);

Watch Democrats’ Fratricide Caucus in Tuesday’s Primaries;

Recalling the Nazi Operation Barbarossa vs the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941;

Breaking: Secret Service Orders Reporters to Leave White House Grounds in Early Evening

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