August 1, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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Senate GOP Lets $600 Extra Jobless Benefit for Jobless Lapse as Moscow Mitch and Minions Take Weekend Off; Trump’s Open Season on Tenants, Renters, Utility Customers Now in High Gear; Mystery: As Final Agony of Party Looms, What Do Republicans Imagine They Are Going to Run On?

As Domestic Consumer Market Collapses, Wall Street Zombie Banks Are in Trouble Due to Some $250 Trillion in Toxic Derivatives; Fueled by Fed’s Repo Largesse, Hedge Fund Hyenas Now Imitating 1998 Derivative Excesses of Long Term Capital Management in Speculative Basis Trades; LCTM Bought $6.2 Trillion of Derivatives Using Just $11 Billion of Its Own Capital; Gold Price Nears $2,000;  

Trump Widely Branded as Fascist Across the Spectrum; His Attacks of Elections Confirm His Belief He Will Lose the Next One;

In GOP, Reborn “Deficit Hawks,” “Fiscal Conservatives,” Devotees of Traditional Elections, Critics of Deploying Armed Fascist Goons into Cities, and Skeptics about Obscurantist Quack Doctors Are All Signs That Trump’s Hypnotic Spell Over Party is Weakening;

Sabotaging United States Mail is Federal Crime: Time to Investigate Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy for Actions to Cripple Voting by Mail with Delaying Tactics Designed to Prevent Ballots from Arriving on Time; Impeach DeJoy Now to Stop Disruption!

Gen. McCaffrey Estimates Seattle Area Violent Anarchist Crazies at about 150; Portland Court House Chaos Quiets Down After Local Cops Clear Adjacent Parks Thursday Morning;

Breaking: Kushner’s Malignant Neglect of Covid Testing Efforts in Blue States Based on White House Creed That Dem Lives Do Not Matter; Tactic Seen as Way to Weaken Democratic G0vernors; Dr. Deborah Birx Emerging as Key Enabler for Trump Gang; “Not My Voters,” Says Don; Get Your Absentee Ballot if You’ve Had Enough!

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