June 18, 2020
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Bolton Memoir Exposes Soybean Peddler Trump’s Eager Endorsement of Tyrant Xi’s System of Concentration Camps for 3 Million Uighurs, Hui, and other Moslems in East Turkestan (aka Xinkiang Province); Image of Trump As Useful Idiot of Beijing Groveling to Sell Farm Crops to Please Iowa Farmers Wrecks GOP’s Demagogic Strategy For November; Insider Report Confirms TWSP’s March 2016 View of Trump;

Enraged by His Usual Squabbles About Defense Spending, Trump Came Within Minutes of Crashing Out of NATO, the Basis of US Foreign Policy Since 1940s; Collision of Trump and Bolton Is Prime Example of Evil Fighting Evil, Potentially Helping the Good;

After 6-3 Decision by Supremes to Ban Discrimination against LGBTQ Workers, Today’s Supreme Court 5-4 Ruling Stops Trump from Ending DACA with Deportation of 800,000 Exemplary Americans; Awareness Growing That Immigrants in Labor Force Are Indispensable for Functioning of US Economy in Rivalry with China;

Vive la France Libre: On June 18, 1940, France’s General Charles de Gaulle Made His First Defiant BBC Broadcast from London Urging French to Join His Anti-Pétain, Anti-Fascist Free French Movement; De Gaulle Advocated Moving Government to Algiers and Continuing to Wage War Against Hitler; He Argued That War Was Far From Lost: While France Had Been Defeated by 5,000 Planes and 6,000 Tanks Today, Nation Could Be Victorious Tomorrow with Mechanized Force of 20,000 Tanks and 20,000 Planes;

Breaking: As Situation in State Deteriorates, Arizona’s GOP Governor Ducey Yields To Massive Public Outcry By Letting Cities and Localities Require Masks; Most Urban Centers Implement Orders At Once

Best Wishes for Juneteenth, Which Should Become a Federal Holiday Along with Election Day

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